A variety of the following styles are in the store today. Call for details, or stop by and shop!

Mix Wrap Bracelet
Mix Crystal Wrap Bracelet
Diamond and Pearl Choker   $245
Pyramid Brake Hinge Bracelet   $165
Crystal Encrusted Oversized Cuff   $225
Pointed Pyramid Drop Earrings   $145
Pointed Pyramid Drop Earrings   $175
Crystal Encrusted Oversize Link Ring   $125
Golden Studded Hinge Bracelet   $425
Mirror Crescent Hinge Bracelet   $255
Liquid Gold Armor Cuff Bracelet   $195
Sequin Stand Pendant Necklace   $255
Liquid Gold Armor Ring   $125
Gold Crystal XS Earrings   $125
Spear Earring with Infinity Wire   $175
Tat2 Designs
Superunos Ring   $185
Hipster Earrings   $89
Ohmmm… Earrings   $109
Open Your Mind   $69
Living La Vida   $459
Bis-a-Two Bracelet   $310
Aurora Borealis Bracelet   $199
Heaven Can Wait   $309
Aurora Borealis Necklace   $275
Super a2 Necklace   $365
Nyota Bracelet   $220
Superunos Bracelet   $295
The Jejewel Ring   $145
Superunos Earrings   $200
Aurora Borealis Ring   $125
Nailed It Ring   $109
Nailed It Ring   $145
Look Look Bracelet   $219
Coin Y Necklace   $150
CZ Coin Y Necklace   $165
Coin Choker   $98
Half Moon Necklace   $98
5 Stone Dangle Necklace   $98
Bezel MoonStone Choker   $71
Small Stone MoonStone   $44